3 Key Recs for Runners

Every change in season presents a new challenge for runners. Runners are used to altering their gear for both terrain and climate. Choosing the right short or shirt, cap or jacket is certainly key. What many of us miss is choosing the right shoe gear and injury prevention tools. 

  1. Battle the temperature: Sock choice is paramount to healthy injury free running. You want a sock than can cool in the summer, warm in the winter, remain neutral in the spring and fall. And for all seasons – the sock must pull the moisture away from the body. Is there an all in one sock? NO! Use Different socks for different seasons.
    Possibly even more important – Lubricant!!!! Yes, we all hope our sock can handle the wear and pressure on our feet, but let’s face it – no sock is perfect. Adding a little lubricant to the toes, foot pad, sides and heel can make a huge difference in the fight against blisters and callouses. But don’t just apply lubricant everywhere! Only put it where your foot is rubbing. 
  2. Attack the terrain: Choose the right shoe for actual running environment. If its humid out, use your mesh, if it’s raining or slippery out wear the water proofed and heavy grip. If it’s cold – (choose the right sock). 
    Possibly more important – Protect your ankles. When terrain get slippery or bumpy – don’t risk the skid or fall. Pull out your favorite ankle brace or gauntlet and add a little protection. Don’t like the feel of braces and gauntlets? Kinesiology tapes are your answer. These tapes when applied properly, can protect the ankle ligaments, and the plantar fascia. All you need to do is learn how to apply it and remove it. Tried KT tapes before and didn’t like it? Then try changing brands – each of the tapes out there have different glue properties and stickiness. If one didn’t suit you; try another. If you have a hard time getting any of them to stick – add spray adhesive. 
  3. Performance and comfort is more than the sock or shoe. Orthotics, when done right, can offer significant advantage and comfort. Orthotics can customize your shoe fit, control pressure areas, position, and most importantly pronation and supination. Customize it! It’s your foot – and it is unique. Consider a custom running orthotic. Running orthotics offer added stability in the heel and midfoot, offload and transition ground impact forces from the heel to the toe, and help prevent injury. Over the counter (and internet) inserts don’t offer this level of protection or performance. Orthotics created by Dr. Ari Rubinstein, DPM are hand molded for perfect fit and digitally optimized for your unique foot posture and running style. 

Putting all this together – your foot must be in the right place at the right time. These 3 pieces enable healthy protected performance running. Don’t wait for an injury, prevent it! Call Lower Westchester Foot & Ankle for professional opinion and advice. 

Dr. Ari Rubinstein, DPM 

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