Discolored and Disfigured Nail Protocol

Discolored and disfigured nails are most commonly caused by fungal infections. But there are other causes including bone and soft tissue neoplasms. For this reason all discolored and disfigured nails should be evaluated by a qualified doctor.

Symptoms include:

  • Dark, light and mixed colors of black, brown, yellow and white in the nail or under the nail or on the nail.
  • Thickened hard or brittle nails.
  • Changes in nail shape, texture, curvature and height.

We treat nail complaints everyday. We take nail disorders seriously. When necessary; we biopsy the nail bed or excise the neoplasm. And when the problem is a fungal infection, we take it seriously as well by offering a unique multi-modality treatment approach.

That’s why we have a discolored and disfigured nail treatment protocol. If you are looking to be evaluated properly and treated effectively, then schedule an appointment today by clicking book now or calling our office.

Your nails can look healthy again.

Ari Rubinstein DPM

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