DIY syndrome

Today, tools like Google and YouTube are making it increasingly easy to search ways to manage problems yourself, from how to unclog a drain to what to do if you sprain an ankle. However, while there is an abundance of readily-available tips for quick fixes, are the consequences really worth the risk when deciding not to seek out a professional? For a clogged drain, maybe, but when it comes to your health, the quick fix is rarely the smart one.

We all deal with common injuries from time to time like sprains and strains, twisted ankles, ingrown toenails, and annoying splinters. We’ve all tried to mend these things ourselves. But, as we’re all aware, digging for that splinter on our own isn’t fun, and is actually quite painful. And going after that ingrown toenail is akin to bathroom surgery, which is clearly not in your best interest. When the injury is an ankle or foot sprain, sure, they can heal on their own with time… but we often later discover (the hard way) that they didn’t heal right, and we eventually pay the price in performance, or worse, with arthritis, pain, and limitations in mobility.

So, while the wrap or brace from the local drug store or online with free shipping sounds like the way to go, it is actually far from a perfect solution, and sometimes even makes matters worse.

Proper care evaluates the issue, treats it directly, and strengthens the parts that prevent recurrence. It is a treatment protocol that you can only get from a doctor who understands and devotes real time and attention to you. So, the question becomes this: do you want the quick fix, or what’s going to benefit you in the long run? For a clogged drain, YouTube can be a great resource. For an injury, I recommend seeing a competent doctor.

Ari Rubinstein DPM

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