Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails

In the past, when asked about laser therapy for nails, I readily responded: “I don’t have one, I don’t believe in it”. Interesting how after 10 years of touting the laser trends with a negative tone, there is now a laser I believe in. I now have the Erchonia Lunula Laser, and offer the service to my patients.

What caused the change in mind? We have to start with why I didn’t like the original technology. 1. It claimed to be a cure but it didn’t destroy the fungus. 2. It subjected patients to a manual application that risked burn and destruction of viable tissue. 3. Lack of long term efficacy studies. 4. It produced laser plume (fumes) that are harmful to medical staff over time.

So again, what caused the change in mind? Well, simply put, the newest laser technology is nothing like its predecessor. In fact, it’s actually a cold laser. That’s right, there is no heat. There is no chance of a burn, or destruction of tissue, or pain. The device is safe, it produces no laser fumes (plume), does not require vacuum or air purification systems. The laser is automatic, it treats the nails and foot at the same time; preventing reinfection and rejuvenating the nail bed.

And the results…. Clearer nail grows out!!! Yes, it takes time. As with all fungal nail treatments, your nails have to grow, to show the results. And that is the goal of the treatment – clearer nails. You must have an understanding of how fungal infections work going into a procedure such as this. This is the most effective system in the maintenance of fungal nail symptoms. In my opinion, if used properly, and updated regularly, the fear of fungal nails becoming unsightly, uncomfortable, claws should be laid to rest.

So, why update regularly? Because it effectively treats the symptoms. I think it’s easier to understand if we put some other medical treatments in perspective. Take for example Hypertension; high blood pressure is a very real problem with very real risks. Do we have a cure for hypertension? No, we do not! We don’t cure HTN, we manage it. We have medicines that help to control the high blood pressure. The disease still exists, it didn’t go away, we simply alleviated (managed) the symptoms. If the medicine isn’t taken, the symptoms return.

Here too, with fungal nails, we treat the symptoms; a growing, discolored, thickened nail that can become as painful as it is visually displeasing. We manage it with the Lunula Laser. The laser treatment for nail fungus that grows clear nails.

Now, at last we have a functional, safe treatment option, that I can proudly offer my patients.

Ari Rubinstein, DPM

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