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The Medical Machine: 6 minutes or less…

Sometime over the last few years, general medical care has changed to ‘quick care’, not unlike ‘5-minute abs’ or the drive-through oil change. “See a doctor in 6 minutes or less for a diagnosis” – is this some sort of marketing ploy or a bad joke? In truth, it’s neither – its reality: a few quick minutes with the doctor followed by some other person providing the explanation, study, or treatment.

I have to say, I admire the ability to diagnose a medical problem in 6 minutes. I really do. Clearly, these are very smart and competent people. The problem I’m having is that it’s simply not how I would want to be treated, so I will never treat my patients that way. I think a doctor-patient relationship should be an understanding, trusting one. When I grew up, if we bumped into the family doctor in the bagel shop or grocery store, the doctor ran over, and greeted us like family. Doctors today don’t remember our names, or that they ever even saw us. I personally believe in developing strong relationships with my patients as I feel this promotes better care and leads to a friendlier, more comprehensive experience for everyone.

So, I ask: is 6 minutes providing more or less than what you want from your office visit? If you’re looking for more, I’m happy to help you.

Ari Rubinstein DPM

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