At Lower Westchester Foot & Ankle we are proud to offer Onyfix as a new treatment option for patients suffering from ingrown and involuted toenails.

What is Onyfix?

Onyfix is a composite nail brace used to reshape the nail and ensure proper nail growth. This pain-free treatment option applied to the widest part of your nail to retrain your nail to regrow into its natural shape and position. Though the process can take several months until your toe is completely healed, it is painless and can offer instant relief without the need for surgery.

Onyfix is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment option for all patients including children and those diagnosed with diabetes.

Benefits of Onyfix

The benefits of the Onyfix system include the following:

  • - Correction of split, cracked, pinched, deformed, and ingrown nails
  • - Improved foot health
  • - No restrictions on patient activity during treatment
  • - Pain-free
  • - Patients are still able to wear nail polish during treatment

How Does Onyfix Work

The Onyfix composite is cured and hardened by an LED light to act as a brace on your nail plate. The Onyfix band is attached to the base of the nail and helps it grow into proper alignment and shape over a few months. Additional bands can be applied to ensure the desired result is obtained.

What To Expect During Your Appointment?

Before applying Onyfix, your nail will be filed and smoothened to flatten the nail for ideal application. All nail folds will be cleared of any debris and the entire nail plate sanitized.

A primer is applied evenly across the nail plate to help the composite adhere to your nail. The primer is cured with an LED light. The Onyfix composite band is then applied to the base of the nail. The band is then modeled to your nail and cured with the LED light.

Treatment can last 2-5 months. The average treatment plan consists of 3-4 bands at 6-week intervals.


Once the composite is removed, the nail will continue to grow into a fixed shape, revealing beautiful straight nails. Your podiatrist will check your feet regularly and may reapply Onyfix as necessary to help maintain your desired results.

We do recommend patients avoid swimming or soaking their feet for at least 24 hours. Narrow toe-box shoes such as heels should also be avoided for some time. Nail polish can be applied but the patient should not use acrylic nails or shellac.

For more information on the Onyfix system and our services or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today at (914) 682-8828.