Arthritis Pain of the foot and ankle

Joint pain in the foot ankles and toes can be debilitating. Pain in shoes or with specific activities or sports is no longer acceptable. Women are taking essential measures to stop the persistent pain from wearing high-end heels all day long. Men and women want to play golf and tennis and dance without pain.   At Dr. Ari Rubinstein at Lower Westchester Foot & Ankle uses a new and cutting-edge procedure injection to relieve symptoms of arthritis.


What are the benefits?

  • It offers instant pain relief to the joint
  • It is an easy, in-office procedure
  • It does not require a lot of time
  • It is a non-invasive procedure
  • One can resume high-impact activities soon after treatment

Am I an  injection candidate?

The  injection is for patients who experience painful arthritis around the big toe, in the first joint and find it hard to move it up and down. We will inject hyaluronic acid into the first joint of the big toe, which helps with lubrication. The lubrication injection also helps minimize pain and increase flexibility.

Which Conditions Can The it Treat?

Lubrication relieves pain and inflammation and treats stiffness in joints of the big toe, foot, and ankle caused by post-traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis).  An excellent choice for mild to moderate arthritis in the joints.

  • Can also treat other conditions such as:
    • Subtalar Joint Arthritis: Pain around the top of the midfoot mostly occurs when one walks barefoot or in unsupported shoes.
    • Hallux Limitus/ Hallux Rigidus- Persistent painful bump on the big toe’s joint. It is accompanied by stiffness, limited flexibility, and the big toe joint’s mobility. With this condition, one will find it hard to wear a heel, run and do other activities.
    • Ankle Arthritis- Pain, popping sensation, and limited ankle joint motion while engaging in sports or other activities.

What are the effects of the  injection?

Hyaluronic acid is a material that occurs in the body and the joints naturally. People with arthritis are deficient in hyaluronic acid, and effects can last up to one year until another injection will be needed. This is not a one-time process and you will need to repeat treatment often, but it helps one avoid surgery or put it off for a long time.

HA injection is an advanced treatment that lubricates your joints. Once you received this treatment, you can wear sky-high heels for long hours. It has a pain-reducing effect that lasts up to half a year. This procedure has become popular among professionals and notable among many fashionistas globally.

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